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The Beckford Bar features a utility-patented, free and independent motion that allows you to perform a converging push-up exercise while increasing the use of stabilizing core muscles toward the midline of your body— something that can't be done with a standard floor push-up.

The Beckford Bar has a pair of independent red hand grips that house linear bearings, allowing for medial, lateral, and free spin movement along a bar, and encourages a converging motion while performing push-ups. It's also designed with sweeping arc motion sliding technology to help you develop a more muscular and chiseled upper body. When you use this push-up bar, you will maximize your results and your time spent targeting your pecs, upper body, and core for the ultimate chest development workout.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack, Red, Silver
  • Materials 
    Steel, Nylon
  • Measurements 
    18.5"L x 4"W x 3.5"H

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 90 Day
— Provides Six Chest Exercises All While in A Plank Position: 1) Bench Press 2) Dumbbell Press 3) Cable-Crossovers 4) Dumbbell Fly 5) Pec Deck 6) Push-Up
— Builds & Strengthens Chest, Upper Body, & Core
— Stability Core Balance Training Targets Abs
— Functional Bodyweight Training
— Easy On The Joints & Shoulders
— Portable & Lightweight
— Simple Setup
— Weighs Under 5 lbs
— Fits in A Backpack or Duffle Bag
— Max Weight: 400 lbs
— Total Length: 38" L

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