As a small business offering our unique stability training system online we strive to help users improve their strength and performance through balanced controlled movement.

When the force and weight of a users body is over the bar they should still be able to slide the handle. Comparable to skateboard wheels, the ball bearings inside red handles may need to be lubed with any three in one oil, mineral oil, or WD-40.

Question: What should I use for Beckford Bar or gym equipment in general that needs lubrication?

Answer: Any 100% silicone oil or lube will suffice. Suitable on all types of treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes for gym and home use. Apply a couple drops into steel shaft slide handles over back and forth, wipe with cloth or towel.


It’s not abnormal with one of gliding handles to slide more fluid than the other. Most gym equipment that has moving parts may often require some slight maintenance.

The Beckford Bar exercise will still work with more friction, however it will become harder when you lube it equals less friction. When users weight is distributed onto the handles during push-up exercise, the red handle will slide more freely compared to just touching handle with finger like a beam scale.

Some of our users like the friction because it’s slightly easier and some users choose to not lube handles. Similar to skateboard wheels or anything with precision ball bearings, lubrication is an option with maintenance.

Our customers' opinion and product feedback are what helps us grow and get the word out. Our goal is to make the best quality push-up bar training system, and for you, our customer, fan, or user to become stronger and 100% satisfied with time spent bettering your mind-body-soul.