Beckford Bar is a global fitness brand headquartered in Torrance, California

The Beckford Bar is a converging chest press push-up training tool that forces its users to level up by improving range of motion, power, stability, and upper-body strength.

Our team believes everyone has the right to be fit. We are here to help make that happen. We know that fitness is truly a personal experience and that's why we deliver a valuable solution tailored to create a positive impact in every individual's fitness journey.

We want to break barriers to access and drive real change in the way fitness is approached.

We understand the multitude of challenges one has to overcome during their fitness journey and have set it as our mission to be their guide and friend throughout this experience.

We stand by and practice inclusion, diversity, integrity, respect and action within our organization. We are advocates for civil and human rights, kindness, self-care and personal development.

We are here to disrupt inequity in fitness through science, technology, education and people. We rise to the occasion and conquer challenges with a determined mindset.

Take pride in the things that move you

Strength evolved. Performance elevated. Stability Mastered.